Ma. de la Luz Casas-Martínez, School of Medicine, Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City, Mexico

For bioethics, the understanding of reality is indispensable. Understanding the forms of social movements will help to configure actions more in line with the reality of bioethical proposals in today’s world. The Overton window is a political/social model for understanding how societal ideas change over time and influence policy. The six phases of the Overton window begin with an idea not previously addressed in public as follows: 1 Unthinkable/unacceptable; 2 Prohibited but with exceptions; 3 Acceptable; 4 Reasonable; 5 Generalized; and 6 Legal. Society is a living organism, which should seek as an object the social good because it is made up of human beings who always seek respect for their intrinsic dignity and since human beings are intelligent and free and use the appropriate tools in this technological society to achieve it.

Keywords: Bioethics. Values. Society. Overton. Ethics.